Cloud 9 with the Pop 9: Removing the Internal Frame

2012-04-27 2

The Pop 9 is a great little camera, which produces 9 identical images on one 35mm frame, but if you want to give yourself slightly different results, think about removing the internal frames for the lenses, warning this tipster permanently modify your Pop9! Read on to find out more.

Credits: rosebud82

Normally, your Pop 9 gives you 9 identical images on the one frame and they are nicely split with a frame around each image. If you fancy a change and you are willing to modify your Pop 9 for good, you could try out this tipster.

The results of the tipster depend how you decide to modify the Pop 9. By adapting the frame inside, the results vary. The camera will still be taking 9 identical photos (unless you cover up any lenses), but there will be no neat framing on the resulting image, as there is no frames to contain the light as it hits the film; therefore all the images will merge into each other.

Credits: rosebud82

To carry out this modification, you will need a Pop 9 that you do not mind permanently changing and a cutting tool, (you can pick these up on auction sites or from a hobby store).

1. You will need to decide in advance what sort of effect you want your final photos to have, and once you have completed the tipster you can’t go back! For the examples in this tipster, I have removed the whole frame, therefore there is nothing to stop the images merging together. In a following tipster, I will show you the effects of just removing part of the frame.

2. Once you have decided which frames you would like to remove, very carefully cut the frames you wish to remove using the cutting tool. If you are removing the whole frame you will need to cut all the sections to remove the whole frame so you are only left with one big gap. In the picture below you have to cut where the red marks are.

3. If you wish to get a nice smooth finish to the photos you can file down any rough edges.

4. That’s it, you can now start shooting. To get different results, you can experiment with covering up certain lens with black electrical tape so the light will not pass through them, or try different coloured filters of certain lens.

Credits: rosebud82

These photos give you an example of what the photos would look like when the whole frame is removed. Unfortunately, these were taken on an overcast day so some are a little underexposed, but you can get an idea. Neons work really well with this camera.

The photos below had been through the camera twice, so are double exposed, hence it is a crazy, mess. If you are to do this I would recommend marking the film so both exposures line up (see my previous Pop 9 post for more information “Experimenting with the Lens”:

Credits: rosebud82

The Pop 9 takes nine identical images on one print. Transform your environment into explosions of pattern-repeating pop-art with the Pop 9. See it with the rest of our Multilens cameras here!

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    crazy shots

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    Awesome stuff! Makes me wanna buy a pop-9 now...

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