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This Community could be such a maze once entered and discovered. Too many words? Too many Lomography terms? Then fret not! Because we at the Community have come up with this Lomography Dictionary just for you!

Yes, you got it right! We have compiled words and terms analogue-related and have thoroughly defined it for you. Don’t know what a Rumble is? Confused about your Piggies? What’s a LomoKino Movie, by the way? This Dictionary will answer it for you.

Here they are fellas! Sharpen those Lomography words now!

Credits: lawypop


Analogue Lifestyle – Magazine section that features the way you live the analogue way! From your favorite films, favorite music, favorite artists, to your life’s heroes.

Article of the Day – a daily featured article from our Magazine section. Could be found at the lower part of Lomography's homepage.


Badges – or “Awards” in your LomoHome. These are the badges you get for unlocking special achievements like the “Word of Mouth”, “I Like This”, “Share the Love”, “Home of the Day”, and a whole lot more. You get these badges over time so just keep on working for them in our Community!

Blogs – found at your Homes section, this is where Lomographers (which means you!) write about his or her analogue experience that would love to be heard in our Community!


Competitions – want to win Piggies? A brand new spanking Lomographic camera, perhaps? Well then, check out the Competitions page in our Magazine and find that special competition for you.

Camera Shelf – your plethora of lovely analogue cameras, situated in your LomoHome.

Credits: dotdotdot

Community Recap – a monthly recap announced through a series of articles. This is where we recognize the Community’s best every month! We’ve got our Most Popular Users, Most Popular Photos, Most Popular LomoKino Movies, Top Likers, Top Commenters, and a whole lot more!

Colors – the boldest and brightest corner of our Photos section. Sort out your favorite Lomographs with our hex values.


Diary – or our monthly Lomo Diary that features stories of Community members in which Lomography has played a huge part.

Diana Cameras – Lomography’s 1960s classic medium format camera that comes in various designs and 35mm and 120mm film format!


Events – be in with the crowd with this section! Check out the latest Lomography events nearby your area. It’s time to party, right?


Film Formats – experiment on the wide range of film formats, from 35mm, 120mm and even 110! Just make sure they fit your fancy analogue camera!

Fisheye Cameras – the world in 170° of fabulous analogue goodness! From the Fisheye One to our Fisheye 2, this line of Lomographic cameras will make you see the world through fish.

Credits: dabai


Gallery Stores – need your Lomographic supplies ASAP? Then find a Lomography Gallery Store situated near you. A Lomography Shop that will provide all of your Lomographic needs! Here’s your quick Lomography Gallery Store Guide!

Guru – or our LomoGuru, a weekly feature of the Community in which we showcase the best of the best! Here we can hear their stories and learn more analogue tips.

Golden Rules – Lomography’s 10 Golden Rules, of course! Haven’t read them yet? Follow the link to find out.


Homes – your LomoHome where all the interaction happens! This is the section in which you can upload your photos with the help of your Lab, see how many Piggies you’ve earned, write blog posts or just browse at other LomoHomes and say hi!

Credits: weechonghooi

Home of the Day – a daily showcase of the best LomoHomes in our Community. HOTD’s are rewarded with 50 Piggies. Could be also found at the lower part of Lomography’s homepage.


Instant Cameras – some analogue shooters just prefer their film experience fast! That’s why we have Instant Cameras for that.


Kinoscope – the LomoKinoscope, the most analogue way to view your ever glorious LomoKino films. Nope, this ain’t a cinema, the Kinoscope loads your movie rolls easy and quick!

Credits: icomewhenieatcaponata


La Sardina – Lomography’s line of super wide angle sardine can cameras. Comes in various color and designs for your amazing analogue style!

LC-A+ – One of Lomography’s top premium camera that brings analogue shooters to a complete film photography experience.

LC-Wide – the LC-A+’s sister, the LC-Wide, is another amazing analogue choice for a super wide auto compact camera!

LomoAmigo – a Magazine feature on awesome Lomo amigos and amigas from our Community! We may showcase their camera, their film, their Lomo experience, or basically anything and everything under the sun!

Lubitel – the Lomography Lubitel is a recreation of the Soviet-era classic that will bring you nostalgic in an instant! It could come in different film formats with various aperture and shutter guides.

Credits: arurin

LomoKino – Lomography’s glorious movie maker! This Lomography product lets you shoot movies on 35mm film!

Locations – a Magazine section that will let you discover the world through articles and Lomographs. You can submit your own story here, too!


Magazine – your all access to reviews, tips, news, and tons of articles Lomo related. The Competition section is here too for lots of Lomographic prizes!

Monochrome Editions – our bundle of Lomographic cameras and accessories in lovely pastel colours.

Movies – the newest section in Lomography for all LomoKino related goodness. From LomoKino films, articles, tips, and news!

Multi-Lens – two, eight, nine shots in one photo? You name it! Lomography’s Multi-Lenses camera gives your Lomographs more action!

MX or Multiple Exposure – A combination of two or more photographs in one single photograph with varied exposures. This is very common even in Lomography. Check the photo below.

Credits: lawypop


Nearby – a Photos section that will bring you around the world. Look for popular landmarks and spots within the world through our collection of Lomographs tagged with countries and cities!

News – a Lomography Magazine section that will bring you the latest trends and gossip from the analogue world.

Newsletter – the hottest Lomography news straight to your mail. We release newsletters every week featuring everything you need to know in our Shop, Magazine, and Community!


Orca – the Lomography Orca 110 Black and White Film, the first Lomography film in 110 format.

Credits: bravebird


Panoramic Cameras – stretch your photos in a wide-eyed panoramic view with Lomography’s Panoramic Cameras. Consists of the Sprocket Rocket, Spinner 360, Horizon Perfekt and Horizon Kompakt.

Piggies – Piggies are like coins we earn for certain achievements like being Home of the Day, Photo of the Day, submitting an article in the Magazine, or for winning a Competition (just to name a few.) These Piggies could be used in our Online Shop to be able to buy Lomography products. Think of it as tokens you win at a mall arcade!

Photo of the Day – a daily Lomograph featured in our website. POTD’s are rewarded with 5 Piggies. Just like our Article and Home of the Day, our POTD could also be found at the lower part of Lomography’s homepage.

Credits: satomi


Redscale – a technique in analogue photography in which the film is exposed in the wrong side which is normally done by winding the film upside-down into an empty film canister. This results to a reddish effect.

The redscale could also be pertained to Lomography's Redscale film which varies in 35mm and 120mm film formats.

Reviews – a Magazine section that tells you the what’s hot and what’s not of a specific camera, film, or accessory!

Rumble – a “rumble” is our slang for a Competition. Don’t be confused with the two for they are just the same. Hey, we gotta have some slang in here!


Shop – our convenient Online Shop for all your Lomographic needs (or wants)!

Shoutbox – found at the lower right side of Lomography’s website, the Shoutbox is our medium for a wide hi or hello in the Community. Say what’s on your mind here, the Community is always ready to listen!

Splitzer – the Lomography accessory that brilliantly splits images for more variety and fun. It could be used for the LC-A+, LC-Wide, and Diana Cameras.

Credits: bravebird


Tipster – your easiest gateway for the latest tips and DIY’s analogue style! Another section of our Magazine.

Tags – don’t forget to tag your Lomographs — it’s the easiest way to find them! Need to find a Lomograph, LomoHome, or Magazine article though? Then type your query on the search box and we’d gladly filter our tags for you.


Upload – of course, why would you forget to upload your Lomographs and LomoKino Movies? Head on to your Homes’ Lab and upload those stunning photos!


Vignette – that distinct analogue photography feature that we just can’t fake. Those black sides in your Lomographs which make them the most beautiful of them all.

Credits: tomkiddo


Walls – or your LomoWall, an awesome way to showcase your Lomographs on a lovely layout. Let your creative juices flow and show-off those lovely Lomographs in your LomoHome!

Weapon of Choice – a weekly article by the Community that features Lomographers and their favorite Lomographic cameras, films, or accessories. A review-like article with a lot of spunk and interaction!


X-Pro – or our shortcut for Cross Processing. A kind of film processing in which different chemicals are used for different surprising effects.

Credits: wapclub

Hey! Our Community Dictionary doesn’t end here. Have more words in mind that you would like to ask or define? Then don’t be shy and comment them in this article. Thanks and hope to hear more from your Lomography vocabulary!

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  1. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    nice @ mayeemayee! this is great for newcomers ;)

  2. superkulisap
    superkulisap ·

    Nice compilation!
    MX, redscale, splitzer, and some of the basics should also be on the list. It'll be helpful for beginners :)

  3. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Thank you @guanatos and @superkulisap! We do aim to spread this Dictionary to all newcomers out there. Thanks for the new words, too! Will update it :)

  4. flashstalker
    flashstalker ·

    @-dakota- Non ci interessa !

  5. -dakota-
    -dakota- ·

    ahahahahha grazie @flashstalker

  6. lomonesia
    lomonesia ·

    At L,you forgot lubitel :)

  7. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Thank you for the suggestions, @superkulisap and @lomonesia! Added them here already! :)

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