Forever Young: Time-Lapse Videos of Filmmaker's Children

2012-04-25 4

Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester has committed to shooting weekly clips of his kids since their birth. His son Vince is now 9 and his daughter Lotte recently turned 12. All the shots have been put together in these sweet time-lapse videos that make us think about how quickly time flies!

While this certainly isn’t a new concept (remember Natalie Time Lapse, or a similar theme in Irina Werning's Back to the Future series), you still have to give credit to Frans Hofmeester, a filmmaker from the Netherlands, who sifted through decades of video footage to put together these time-lapse documentaries of his kids’ growth. It’s one thing to take time-lapse portraits but another to shoot time-lapse videos.

Lotte Time Lapse: Birth to 12 years in 2 min. 45 by Frans Hofmeester

He started on Lotte’s birthday, October 28, 1999, and three years later after her brother was born. The videos are brief yet they say so much of his children’s growth. From gradual changes such as Vince’s shifting hairstyles to Lotte’s increasing loquaciousness, you’ll also see down-to-earth snippets of life, such as nose-picking or milk-vomitting. We warned you! (If that doesn’t faze you, you should read No Pain, No Gain: Stop Motion Camera Tattoo Videos.)

Vince Time Lapse: Birth to 9 years in 2 min by Frans Hofmeester

“I felt the need to document the way she looked to keep my memories intact," said Hofmeester about the rationale behind the project. On the challenges, he said "Sometimes they did not feel like doing it, so I began to ask them questions, that way I stalled them so I could complete each shot.” Meanwhile, he continues to keep the cameras rolling for his children. “There will be a lot of changes in the coming years,” said Hofmeester. “And of course I will continue filming.”

Sourced from ABC News and Kottke.

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