The Diana Instant Back+ - An Accessory Not to be Missed


I ordered my Instant Back without hesitating the moment I saw it being launched. There are just times (many times!) that I just hate the wait at the photo lab and getting instant surprises is something I love.

The Diana Instant Back+ is a dream come true to many Diana camera lovers out there. Combining the magic of the Diana F++ camera with the fun of instant photographs, the Instant Back promises endless possibilities with the existence of other Diana F+ camera accessories like the Fisheye, Wide and Tele lenses. Even the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator can use this super fun instant machine!

It did take me a little while to get used to it though. Don’t get me wrong. It is not that hard to install or use, but sometimes I get over excited and make mistakes. Installing the Instant Back on the Diana F+/Multi Pinhole camera is a piece of cake. Just remove the camera back & bottom plate from the camera and the Instant Back will fit right in. Lock it, load 2 CR2 batteries and pack of film and you are ready to go!

So what were those mistakes I made? First came my itchy finger. There is a large button at the back of the Instant Back that is suppose to eject the exposed film after you’ve taken a photo. Somehow my itchy finger used to pressed it when I wanted to switch off the Instant Back. Yeah … out came an empty photo. Duh! The power switch is actually beside the button but it’s smaller and it’s those ‘push to the side’ type. Well after a few heart-breaking mistakes (of losing film), I am finally more careful with it. Maybe I’ll try DIY a ‘film eject button cover’ for it someday.

The next thing I learned to be careful was with indoor shots. The Diana Instant Back+ somes with a little lens thingie that you have to install inside the camera (behind the camera lens) which is suppose to turn the Instax Mini film from ISO800 to ISO400. This means taking photos indoor will require more light and if you are taking photos with color filters, make sure you fire the flash a few times to ensure the photo is exposed properly. Otherwise, underexposed photos (or even almost unexposed) will make you scream.

Using it outdoors is easy. Just bear in mind that you have ISO400 film loaded and you can use the camera like normal.

As the viewfinder for the Diana camera is meant for 120 film, you will have to roughly do some guesswork during framing. Hey … that’s the fun of Lomography right? Just make sure the subjects you are photographing are positioned closed to the center when you look through the viewfinder. Anyway … don’t you think headless friends in the photos look cool too?

Don’t forget to throw in all the accessories (for Diana F+) for extra cool fun. Try playing with the Fisheye lens for that curvy funny cool effect. Play with multi exposures for instant madness. Go close with the closeup lens or completely forget about the lens and use the pinhole on the Diana F+.

Not enough fun? Get the Multi Pinhole camera and see the magic of multi colorful images (using the filters) appear instantly right in front of you.

I’ve tried experimenting by placing an exposed film strip inside the camera (behind the lens) and was even able to get sprockets in my Instax photo! Use the red colored filter for the flash and you’ll even get ‘redscale’ images.

It’s hard to really put down in words the amount of fun this Instant toy brings but if you love Polaroid/Instax and find the Diana camera fun … this Instax Back is a must-have!


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  1. nural
    nural ·

    I wish I could find the polaroid film for this in Turkey, this is definitely in my list of things to buy!!! 3 looks cool!!! And I love the idea of using a film inside it, sprockets rock!!!

  2. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    like da pix :)

  3. stouf
    stouf ·

    Some mythical shots here ! N°9 is my favourite !

  4. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    love ya instax! i had problem with my diana instax back. the instax always stuck inside the back, unwilling to come out :(

  5. cocoa_photigraphica
    cocoa_photigraphica ·

    So far I have run 3 rolls of instax film with the Diana back attached only to have most of the film get stuck in the body.
    Out of 3 rolls, only 4 shots were actually pushed out of the camera, the rest got stuck. 4 out of 30 is horrible quality control.
    Since, as someone else here had the same problem, I would not recommend purchasing this.

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