Diana+ 35mm Back


Experience the miracle of the 35mm in the legendary 120 body of the Lomographic Queen, the Diana+!

Some month ago I ordered a 35mm Back for my Diana+. I was really nervous how it will be to make pictures with it. Everyday I’ve waited for the mailmen and one day it arrived. When I opened my package with the 35mm back in it, I thought “This looks easy”. And so it was.

I just had to take off the normal back and had to stack the marvelous new 35mm back on my Diana+. Now I had the possibilities of both worlds, the medium format and the 35mm films. Medium format is gorgeous like we all know, but the 35mm films are much cheaper and also very easy to develop.

But this is not the only possibility with the 35mm back. I’ve found the 4 frames and recognized that I can make pictures with sprocket holes by myself now! Hey and a square format on a 35mm film, isn’t it cool?

The first time I loaded the back with a film, I had the the panoramic frame with sprocket holes in it, but i forgot to switch from standard to panoramic. In the end all pictures on the film overlapped. First I thought ****, but after the shock I saw the results and thought “Not bad, and even one more possibility.”

Panoramas, Double Exposures, Long Exposures, Triple Exposures, all these things and much more tricks you can do with your normal Diana+ and of course also with the 35mm back.

The only problem I have is that the Ringflash won’t fit right on the Diana+, when the 35mm back is on. It works more or less, but that could be better.

After all I really like the 35mm Back. It’s easy to handle and it gives you so much possibilities for your Diana+ or Diana F+. Roughly speaking: “Don’t think, just shoot, with a 35mm film in your Diana+”

written by stinketier on 2009-12-07 #gear #review #35mm-back #dianaf #diana #accessoires


  1. nural
    nural ·

    I really like using the 35mm back cos I love the look of sprocket holes but the only problem I face is, since you only capture half of what you see from the viewfinder, I have a lot of half pictures!!!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Cool shots ! But I never understood the interest of 35mm backs. I don't know anything about the Diana, but with a Holga you can fit a 35mm film instead of a 120, you know, using two pieces of foam to hold it... Isn't it possible with the Diana ?

  3. pora-wshbrn
    pora-wshbrn ·

    can you still use a 35mm film with the Diana without the 35mm back?

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