Newspaper Sculptures of Nick Georgiou


What comes to mind when you see old newspapers? Recycling? Trash? For Arizona-based artist Nick Georgiou, old newspapers are components of his sculptures. Read more to find out about amazing works of art.

Photo via Environmental Graffiti

What do you do with a newspaper after reading it? You wouldn’t think of making a sculpture out of them, would you? Personally, that thought would never even enter my mind even if I had a pile of newspapers in front of me. For artist Nick Georgiou, old books and newspapers are gems. He uses them to come up with sculptures and art pieces that are definitely worth a second look.

With the boom of technology in the 21st century, more and more people are relying on computers and gadgets. As Nick Georgiou’s sees, newspapers and books are some of the items that are slowly being set aside since anything can be accessed on the internet. He describes his work as “not only a decline of the printed word in today’s society but its rebirth as art.” Indeed, he has created some magnificent works of art using old books and newspapers.

Another wonderful thing about it is that he leaves his artwork in random places. Imagine stumbling upon these sculptures made of paper. You’d definitely stop for a while and admire the paper sculpture staring back at you.

View the gallery below for more photos of Nick Georgiou’s work:

Photos via Sweet Station and Environmental Graffiti

Sources for this article include Sweet Station, and Environmental Graffiti.

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