Lost and Found: Family Snapshots with a Stolen Agfa Optima IIS Camera

2012-05-01 2

In the ’60s, my parents bought an Agfa Optima IIS, a fully-automatic 35mm camera. With this camera, they have made many photos of our family. Until in the ’70s, when the camera was stolen. Recently, I found an identical camera on eBay, still working perfectly, and I immediately I bought it!

This is the camera: fully automatic, with a selenium cell exposure meter coupled with the shutter. So, with this camera, you can “point and shoot”, like the mythical Lomo LC-A! The camera has a rangefinder focusing system, and a hot shoe contact below the lens, on the left side. A great piece of advanced mechanics made in Germany! The camera doesn’t need batteries because the electric power needed to select the aperture and the shutter time is generated by the exposure meter cell. A green/red light inside the viewfinder indicate the light conditions; with the red signal, the light is not sufficient and you need an external source as a flash.

Don’t think, just shoot!
Some photos of my childhood
The “ancestor” of the LomoKinoScope!

The 45mm lens allows you to use this camera in a universal way, both for family portraits, street photography or architectural and landscape photography!

Florence and Pisa

The first car of my family, a Fiat 600

The camera was used to document many other events, such as sports, like in this bicycle race:

A photo taken in Rimini, with my parents and a lion! Here we used a flash, as you can see from the dark background!

My mother on a motorbike

Swinging time, a timeless game!

Lost …and found on eBay! The serial number is different, but this is not important for me! Now I’m very happy to use this camera again with my family!

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Great camera, it is nice that you shared those pictures of your family.

  2. alex34
    alex34 ·

    Excellent article and lovely photos

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