Rome: the Eternal City in Monochrome

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Rome is one of the most chaotic cities I’ve ever been to. What I find truly amazing is that amidst all that chaos, you can find these little spots where it seems that time has stopped, perfect for black-and-white photos…

Credits: guanatos

My birthday present for this year was a trip to Rome. I was very excited to go back after so many years (the last time was in 2004) since I had great memories of the eternal city. Obviously 8 years later, we had both change, but nonetheless, Rome is still enchanting…

The thing that hasn’t change a bit is how while you walk through the city, you find historical buildings from ancient times in every corner. It’s incredible how the city cohabits with structures from ancient Rome from centuries ago.

Cris had never visited Rome, so we decided to start our holiday in Rome looking for those must-see spots so she could see them and why not, take a couple of pictures.

We started with the Coliseum, a true landmark of the city and an impressive site when you exit the metro gate:

Credits: guanatos

I personally think Rome is much more enjoyable when you walk through it, but sometimes the distance between the places you want to visit is way too big, so I would advise to use the public transportation system, especially the bus so you can look through the window.

The next stop was the_Bocca della Verità_ fountain. I love this fountain because it reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite Gregory Peck movies, *Roman Holiday* also starring Audrey Hepburn take a look at the video:

So we had to create our very own homage to this beautiful movie…

Credits: guanatos

…don’t worry Cris still has her hand.

From there, we jumped on a bus to visit the Vittorio Emanuele II monument

Credits: guanatos

The first time I saw it, I couldn’t stop giggling because it reminded me of one of these. The Vatican is another nice stop to see. It’s one of the smallest countries in Europe and the headquarters for the Catholic Church. You’ll be able to find Saint Peter’s Square with its huge columns made by the world-famous renaissance architect Bernini.

Credits: guanatos

If you walk a little bit more, you’ll be able to visit the Sant’Angelo Bridge which I particularly like with it’s huge stone angels that seem to guard the entrance.

Credits: guanatos

We did visit many monuments and a couple of galleries and museums, but what I liked the most from our trip to Rome, was walking around with no specific direction and finding incredible things along the way

Credits: guanatos

You start seeing the city in a whole other way, when you escape the craziness of the avenues and start roaming around the little cobblestone streets.

Credits: guanatos

When we started to get tired, we would stop and enjoy a latte to take a break.

Credits: guanatos

So now you know, next time you visit Rome, breathe in and take in the city and enjoy a different pace. Enjoy every little detail this amazing city has to offer.

If you want to see some more lomos from my trip and see a bit more of Rome, swing by my album and don’t forget to leave your comments of your own experiences discovering Rome


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