Discovering the Analogue Blood Running in My Veins

2012-04-30 5

As I started to dig into some of our old dusty photo albums, It was then that I discovered that the analogue blood running in my veins came from my father’s. That it was my father’s blood tickling my pulses and pulling me in to the analogue world.

In this photo they are covering the 1995 solar eclipse in Tawi-tawi.

Back in the old days, my father Raymundo Esguerra, was a photographer. During his time, he was the one in charge of the darkroom in the National Museum of the Philippines. As I browsed the dusty photo albums (we have millions) I found out that he loves to take photos of children, especially me and my sister. Below is the photo of my father and some of his shots.

Up until now, he still have his SLRs, and considers it one of his most precious possessions. Opening and cleaning those priceless cameras at least once a month is a must for him. And not even I can borrow those cameras (but I’m hoping one of these days he will let me use one).

One of the things that made me proud of him was when I found out that one of his photos was a finalist in the Canon Asia Photo Contest in 1988.

Today, my father is working as a painting conservator. He did not gave up photography but sadly he is now using Digital SLRs, but I’m really convincing him to shoot with films again (and I think it’s working). He saw my redscale shots and I’m happy he liked it. Here are some samples of my shots.

Credits: walasiteodito

Now that I know where my analogue blood came from, I became more determined in honing my skills and I’m hoping that someday I will be as great as my father was in photography or even surpass him. Now I will ask you, do you know where your analogue blood came from?

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  1. boobert
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    Wow. Great article @walasiteodito!

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    It really feels nice to browse through old photo albums. The next best thing to time travel. Nice article :}

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    walasiteodito ·

    thanks @morty and @boobert !

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    Thanks @grazie !

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