Beiramar Ships Waiting …


This area of the city of Vigo owes his origin to the street that communicates the quarters of O Berbés and Bouzas. His name is “Orillamar“, in Spanish or “Beiramar“ in Galician. If we wanted to translate it into English, it would be something similar to “Bythesea“. It is a route of four rails (two in every sense), which passes parallel to the Ría of Vigo.

Every day, there are thousands of vehicles of all classes along her: tourism’s, motorcycles and trucks, many trucks. But what more exists there are ships. To his sides (perhaps many other next to the sea), there are a big part of the companies of the city of Vigo: Shipyards of construction and repair and refrigerating/manufacturing companies. In the first ones, the people construct and/or arrange the big ships and in the second ones they prepare and store the fishery products that these bring. During the discharges and times of waiting, big ships, principally fishing, are moored in his wharves.
Big ships that might tell us big stories: its work places go from the cold waters of Newfoundland up to the warm ones of the Indian Ocean, happening for the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Also, although the city almost does not even find out, it is full of persons of multitude of races and countries: Polish, Russian, Somali, Bolivian, … (and, of course, some Spanish …) a tons of anonymous people, which, with his effort and work, they allow that our port can be one of the most important in movement of fish and frozen products.

The ships, which they blend in the fishing grounds where they work, prove to be here calm, moored to themselves to the wharf, what allows us to use them of photographic models without a lot of effort. It is a good training area for the lomographic cameras that need of several manual adjustments (distance, light, speed, …) but also to obtain original images of these ships with other products (ActionSampler, Fisheye, …)

It is neither a museum, nor either monument, but I believe that a walk along its wharves can help us to value the effort of hundreds of persons, of multitude of cultures and countries, which with the work of the people that allows, all of us, to enjoy high quality food in our plates. Serve these images as a “Lomographic homage” to all of them …



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  1. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    Man, these B/Ws are looking like from 100 years ago! Amazing!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Yeah ! Agreed ! They look amazing !

  3. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    classic - looks like totally dug out deeply from a very old cabinet! nice!

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