Black and White Tanjong Pagar


Tanjong Pagar is a historic district located in downtown Singapore. As with everything in Singapore nowadays, it has undergone tremendous transformation in recent years. Let’s take a look after the jump!

Tanjong Pagar is actually Malay and it means “cape of stakes”. The name reflects its origins as a fishing village situated on a former promontory. Tanjong Pagar is situated a stone’s throw away from our beloved Lomography Gallery Store Singapore.

As one walks towards Tanjong Pagar district along South Bridge Road, one will be greeted by two iconic buildings. One is the Jinrikisha Station, built in 1903-1904, where people can take one of the many rickshaws to travel to the docks or nearby neighborhoods. The other building is the Fairfield Methodist Church.

As I haven’t been to Tanjong Pagar for a very long time, I was amazed by its transformation. Gone are the many wedding photography studios and western-style pubs and discos. Instead, I was puzzled to see many Korean BBQ restaurants and Korean-style pubs.

There is even a newly-opened Korean Mart selling all sorts of authentic Korean foodstuff.

As I walk further down the street, I discovered the reason for this Korean presence. The Korean Association is located in one of the shophouses in Tanjong Pagar. Mystery solved! :)

During my walk, I also found some of the “missing” wedding boutiques. It seems like although some were “trashed”, there are still some survivors.

Tanjong Pagar used to be a sleepy district but with the recent modernization efforts by the government, many spanking new buildings were built.

Pinnacles@Duxton in the background and in contrast with the older HDB blocks and shophouses.

Newly-built Orchid Hotel and other work in progress.

In summary, Tanjong Pagar is a happening area now and might become a “Little Korea” in the next few years. If you want to experience Korea without going there, do drop by Tanjong Pagar today!


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