Hello, Newcomers! A Short Welcome from the Lomography Community


Every warm welcome needs an introduction, right? It’s just like knowing family and getting yourself acquainted and loved as time passes by. And here in Lomography, we treat each Community newcomer a significant member of the Lomography family!

To get us all started in this Community, let us introduce you to the Lomography website and its sections.

Of course, our homepage, a tease of more things you can discover in Lomography. There’s also the Shoutbox if you’d like to say hello!

Then we have our six Lomographic sections that will complete the whole analogue experience!

*1. Shop* – this is where you can grab all your Lomographic needs. To lovely Lomography cameras, film, and accessories — the Shop sure has everything you need. And don’t forget to visit once in a while because there are always discounts and freebies waiting for you!

*2. About* – find everything you need to know about Lomography in this section. History? The 10 Golden Rules? Signing up for the Newsletter? We have them all here (and more) for you!

*3. Photos* – of course, what is Lomography without stunning analogue photos! Go on and kill time in this amazing gallery of Lomographs tagged and sectioned in various divisions. Don’t miss the glorious LomoKino Movies, too!

*4. Magazine* – divided into 11 sections, the Magazine is where you can get all your analogue related news, tips, reviews, and all sort of articles you just can’t help but read. Feel free to like, comment, and submit!

*5. Homes* – your LomoHome where all the interaction happens! This is the section in which you can upload your photos with the help of your Lab, see how many Piggies you’ve earned, write blog posts or just browse at other LomoHomes and say hi!

*6. More* – the more the merrier they say! Here you can find your nearest PhotoLabs, your City Guides, and an Archive to reminisce on.

Credits: satomi

Aside from these six important sections, here are other Lomography features you should definitely know about!

*The Ten Golden Rules* – the rules of Lomography. Don’t worry though, they’re not strict and would only add to the analogue fun! Check them out and let us know your favorite!

*Microsites* – the home of every Lomography product. Learn more and do more with your Shop items on their very own microsites. More browsing fun!

*Newsletter* – the hottest Lomography news straight to your mail. We release newsletters every week featuring everything you need to know in our Shop, Magazine, and Community!

*Selected Photos* – handpicked photos by the Community, featured in one amazing section of Lomographs. Choose your favorites here!

Now that we’ve introduced you to Lomography and the huge Community it has, why not complete the interaction by visiting and joining our social media networks?

*Facebook*, *Tumblr*, *Twitter*, *Pinterest* and our *Vimeo* for LomoKino movies!

But hey, the introduction’s not yet over. We prepared the ultimate Lomography Newcomer Dictionary for you! Watch out for it in another Newcomer feature!

written by mayeemayee on 2012-05-15 #lifestyle #lomohome #community #newcomers

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