Of Zombies and Ladies that Look like Dudes


It’s a good thing to be surrounded by a lot of people willing to be cast in odd portraits. Last April 15, our group, Shutter Revolution, celebrated its first anniversary. We gathered at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center for a mustache picnic party. About 40 of us came, each bringing food contributions. With so many friends whom I share the same hobby with around, I decided to take portraits of them. I had two concepts in mind.

One involves multiple exposure to achieve a decaying effect on their faces and the other involves ladies who would seem to have an overdose of testosterone shots.

From my first concept, I used my LC-A+ RL. I would shoot the tree canopy that shade our picnic grounds, slide the MX switch and approach each one of my lomo friends to instruct them to pose as though they are decaying, or disintegrating. I repeated the process until I have several shots. All of them gave me questioning looks every time I ask them for their interpretation of “decay.” I even had to explain to them what I was asking for, “Imagine that you are consciously disintegrating, how would you look?” They were all horrible actors…(LOL). Luckily, some of the shots ended up quite right; like zombies. See if they would pass for flesh eaters:

Credits: renenob

For my second concept, I used my Nikon EM. Since it was a mustache party, it would be a shame not to photograph them while flaunting those gorgeous soup strainers. Only, I decided to take portraits of the ladies. Here’s how macho they looked:

Credits: renenob

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written by renenob on 2012-04-27 #people #lifestyle #portrait #lomography #mustache #zombies #shutterrevolution

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