Let's Go to Koh Payam, Thailand


Before I went there, I heard that it was supposed to be the “Maldives of Thailand”, and true enough, when we finally arrived, Koh Payam was an absolute delight – and more! Read more about our adventures after the jump!

Koh Payam is located in Ranong Province, Thailand. It’s actually far from Bangkok, around 600km. One of the more popular resorts is The Blue Sky Resort. If you ever do come to Koh Payam, you must visit this place!


Due to the fact that The Blue Sky Resort is the most popular one in the area, I had to book it in advance before we went there. Remember, do check with the resort first in terms of room availability for the time of your vacation to avoid any inconvenience. For this trip, we had 3 days and 2 nights to enjoy as I also had a lot of my friends with me that time. We were all really looking forward to this trip and finally it was time for us to go!

Since there were a lot of us, we took three separate cars to Ranong, after that, the staff of The Blue Sky Resort were already waiting for us to take us via speedboat from the pier to the resort. Don’t worry, the place wasn’t hard to find.:)

We’ve been waiting for the resort staff to take us to Blue Sky.

When we got there, some of my friends had an “OMG” moment upon being pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it is. There are a lot of beautiful rooms above the water, you just open the door then jump out into the sea whenever you feel like it. Each room has a little jetty where you can chill out.

The jetty in front of my room.

The Blue Sky Resort also has a lot of kayaks. Aside from riding it from the jetty, you can also take it out to sea, enjoy!

We’ve had such good memories, especially with the kayaks!

Furthermore, we had the chance to snorkel at some of the islands around Koh Payam although we suddenly encountered some bad weather. It was such a bad feeling when we were on the boat, on the way to the diving spot as the waves started to crash to our boat and the storm was quite scary. Luckily though everything still went a-ok! Then, the dark clouds disappeared and the sun was shining again. It was time for LOMO!

LMAO, the bad wave made us feel bad and exhausted. Hence, we had to have lunch on the boat…haha
Let’s jump!

I’ve been taking jump shots of my friends with the Supersampler, when someone suddenly screamed “OMG!” again! This time it was my friend because I pulled the shutter rope of the Supersampler out of the camera. Actually, it belongs to my brother, now what am I supposed to do? I couldn’t take any more pics with the Supersampler in Koh Payam anymore!

I was busy fixing the Supersampler while everybody was enjoying their time and chatting T-T

After that, I calmed down and was ready to go snorkeling in the next diving spot around another island, this time, I had the Fisheye with the submarine housing, everyone requested for a picture of them underwater, take a look!

Pics by the Fisheye

Finally, we had to say “good bye” to Koh Payam, but we had a lot of great memories to treasure – various incidents such as the kayaking, storm, my Supersampler etc., and we will come back soon! Anyway, I hope you guys liked this article and try to visit the resort, Thailand still has many more beautiful islands, I will try to review them for you next time.

Please feel free to ask me if you have any queries regarding Thailand travels, I can recommend some cool places for you to visit. Bye bye. :)

Bye bye Koh Payam, we will miss you.

credit: 29feb

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