Interweaving Time Zones of Taipei and Europe with Doubles

2012-04-25 3

Sandy is a friend whom I befriended through the LomoHome. We did a film swap for our double exposures. Take a look at the pictures after the jump!

Credits: ccwu

We exchanged our addresses though e-mail, set our photo shoot theme. sigh Actually, there isn’t really a theme, which totally fits the “Don’t Think, Just Shoot” spirit.

Both of us used our LC-A+ for the photo shoot. Sandy taught me to make a mark on my film so we could start at the same point to ensure that that our double exposures were neatly aligned.

Draw a line at the frame border after pressing the shutter once, after winding the film, draw another line after pressing the shutter for the second time.

Sandy posted her film of Kodak Elitechrome EBX, and recommended for us to use ISO 200 for the photoshoot to prevent overexposed shots.

I was really happy to receive Sandy’s roll of film mailed from Europe.

After 3 months, our first roll of film was finally developed.

Credits: ccwu

We were very satisfied with this attempt’s results.

The Taipei that I saw, with the Europe that Sandy sees, are merged amidst different time zones and different locations, overlapping on the same frame of film. Each and every exposure shows the interweaving time zones of Taipei and Europe.

Visit Sandy's LomoHome!

“Multi-exposures Film Swap” is a way to connect with foreign friends though each other’s exchanged shots, you’ll see not only the local scenes, but also a wonderful friendship. Login to your personal LomoHome under “Edit” setting, tick the lowest option, “I want to do a film swap”, you’ll get the chance to be invited for a collaboration, or you could invite someone.

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translated by j3ssicac


  1. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    awesome doubles! :)

  2. sayslex
    sayslex ·

    These are so beautiful!

  3. saintempire
    saintempire ·

    love the elite chrome! super colorful shots! and a nice story to read :)

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