Flashbacks on Film: Picasso and the Loaves

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Robert Doisneau was a French photographer who documented everyday activities of the people in Paris. He was also known as one of the pioneers in photojournalism. One of the most popular photos that he took was of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

Photo via VAM

Robert Doisneau roamed the streets of Paris and took candid photos of people in their usual everyday activities. He used his Leica camera to document simple moments that make life exciting. Doisneau took up photography when he was 16 years old. At first, he took photos of still life since he was too shy to photograph people. As his skills as a photographer progressed, he overcame his shyness and started to take photos of people.

One famous personality who became Robert Doisneau’s subject was Pablo Picasso. The photo session was Picasso took places in 1952 in Picasso’s house at Rue Grands Augustines in Paris. As Doisneau entered the house he saw Picasso, together with painter and author Francoise Gilot, having lunch. Right there on the table were some loaves of bread, which were shaped like large hands. Picasso, seeing the photo opportunity, posed with his forearms hidden behind the table with the loaves of bread sticking out looking like his hands. This is one of the most popular photos of Picasso and it also shows his sense of humor. There were other photos of Picasso taken by Doisneau that day, but this is probably the most popular one.

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    Picasso used a Fed 2 camera! A great Leica copy!

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