Island in the Sun: Boracay!


It’s one of the most visited places in the Philippines. People from all over the globe visit it for its beach, culture, and night life. It’s definitely one of the most popular beaches in the planet, so read on!

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It’s definitely the most packed beach in the Philippines. At anytime of the year, there’s bound to be people on the beaches of Boracay.

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At any given time, while the sun is up, you’re bound to see sand, sailboats, bodies, palm trees, and of course, resorts.

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There’s quite a number of beach-related activities that you can do while you’re here. There’s helmet diving, banana boat, flying fish (imagine a flying banana boat), rent jet skis, and skimboarding.

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Its night life is interesting too, from various kinds of decorations to various kinds of themes, I wasn’t able to take much photos because I didn’t have a camera with an automatic exposure at that time but I’ll be back for more nighttime shots!

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Saving the best for last…sunsets. The way the sun sets in Boracay is absolutely amazing. People can actually parasail during the sunset. If you’re the laidback kind, the sunset from the beach is great!

Sunsets, oh how I love sunsets!

Give Boracay a go! I know you’ll love it.

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