Refreshing and Soft Subtle Shots Taken with Efiniti Uxi Super 200

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You can find many films online or in the market that produces uniquely soft, muted tones, but to personally reproduce such desirable effect is not easy and doesn’t turn out the way it seems. This is actually normal. Read this tipster to learn how you can achieve this effect.

In order to shoot certain styles of photos, the main factor isn’t just the film used that decides the results. It could also be the fact that it could aptly present a certain mood, or it could easily produce the required feel.

Fujifilm NATURA S‎@Japan

The first time I used this roll of Efiniti Uxi Super 200 was when I went travelling in Japan. I used it with an automatic point and shoot camera, Fujifilm Natura S with a large aperture, as it naturally presents a refreshing style.

Olympus mju II

Back in Taiwan, I’d continue using the film for random shots, personal creations taken with the automatic point and shoot Olympic mju II and the Nikon FM2 SLR.

Taken on the streets of Taiwan but can be mistaken as streets of Japan!

I realized that under dim natural light conditions, such as cloudy day or well-lit indoor by the windows, this film enhances the soft tones, resulting in the fresh and subtle elegant style that I like!

The shots taken were of Taiwan streetscape but it gives the illusion of being in Japan. On the contrary, under extreme light conditions, although the results aren’t too bad, it just couldn’t highlight the soft subtle tones that is its unique feature.

Nikon FM2

If you have any chance to get your hands on a Nikon FM2, try experimenting by adjusting the aperture to the largest (I usually use a 35mm F2.0 lens) to allow the film to be exposed to massive amounts of light. You’ll get beautiful bokeh effects that creates the ultimate fresh, subtle tones that is uniquely identified with this film.

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