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Popularly-written-about-locations can be exciting again so long as you have the eye to present it in a fresh, new light, just like what the author of our Locations Feature of the Week did!

Photo by rosebud82

Paris is indeed a favorite location to be featured. In fact, it’s so popular even with us here at Lomography, that we’re also currently in the middle of doing our Paris City Guide (although there’s still a long way to go!) ANYWAY! To cut the rambling short, Paris is indeed a beautiful location to explore, enjoy, and of course, photograph, that it is not surprising that a lot of our community members never get tired of featuring this city – and it’s world-famous landmarks over here at the Locations section.

But given that her choice of a Locations feature has been written about many times over before, what made rosebud82's article a hit is that through her black-and-white photos, rosebud82 was able to create beautiful images of the ever-so-popular Eiffel Tower that also give off a romantic, old-world feel.

Photo by rosebud82

She attributes the pretty effect on her photos to the rain, saying,“The Eiffel Tower is probably Paris’ most famous landmark and well worth a visit. If like me you happen to visit it in the middle of a rainstorm, all is not lost. Make sure you load some black-and-white film for some atmospheric shots and if you are lucky, some great reflective images!”

Given the unique situation she was in, rosebud82 was able to add some useful photography tips aside from the usual travel advice, making her article more interesting for readers: “I was so looking forward to shooting this iconic landmark, and now all we had were stormy skies and torrential rain. But thankfully all was not lost as I had loaded black-and-white film in both my Holga and my Olympus XA2. The wonderful thing about black-and-white film is that it doesn’t need bright blue clear skies to make it look it’s best like slide film can sometimes do. In fact, cloudy moody skies often make for better photos with black-and-white film. So I decided instead of wasting shots with my other cameras, I would focus on the two cameras with the black-and-white film in.”

Photo by rosebud82

“I think the Eiffel Tower is an ideal location to shoot in black and white as it adds so much atmosphere to the photos. So regardless of the weather, make sure you load some black and white into your camera, don’t just wait for the rain like I did!” – rosebud82

So regardless of which location you’re planning to feature here (even if it has been featured 10+ times before; great photos and engaging text will always guarantee it to be a hit here in the Locations section.:)

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