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2012-04-26 3

This month saw me style-hunting in east London, with fashion expert Fergie as my knowledgeable guide. Check out our featured looks after the jump!

Credits: harrietgreen

So this month’s CitySlicker challenge was to capture the style of my fair city’s inhabitants. In London town, I knew there would be no shortage of stylish people to photograph, but I chose to enlist the help of good friend and fashion expert Fergie to help me pick the cream of the crop. Fergie is a fashion buyer by trade, so she had the perfect credentials for the job!

After much ummm-ing and ahhh-ing I decided that my quick-fire LC-A+ was the best choice for this mission. Seeing as I would be stopping my subjects in the street and asking them to pose, I didn’t want to spend too long focussing and adjusting before taking my shot. I chose Kodak Colour Plus 200 as this is one of my favourite cheap-and-cheerful colour negative films. I didn’t fancy a slide film on this occasion as I wanted to capture the true colour of people’s clothing, rather than a saturated colour-shift version.

We set off on a sunny April afternoon to Broadway Market, east London, to see what we might find.

Meesh was one of the first girls who’s style caught Fergie’s eye with her belted trench and black leather boots. Sadly in my excitement at our first fashionable find I managed to cut off her feet when taking the photo. Lesson number one when photographing fashion – you’ve got to capture the whole outfit! I followed up with a separate close-up of Meesh’s shoes to make up for my mishap.

Credits: harrietgreen

Barely two steps away we spotted Anna, and Fergie’s eagle eye noticed her bright pink Nikes which we deemed worthy of their own close-up. Barely two seconds later, we spotted Leanne with her stripy summery t-shirt, and we realised that our fashion hunt was off to a flying start.

Credits: harrietgreen

However what followed was a fashion drought for a few minutes. We watched the crowds strolling by, waiting in vain for our next subject, and occasionally chickening out of approaching people (“She’s too scary!” “He looks like he’s in a rush!”). However, finally we hit fashion gold again when Maya and Dunya walked by. Those stripy trousers and leopard-print trainers couldn’t go by unchecked!

Credits: harrietgreen

Cecilia’s pattered waiscoat caught our attention so we photographed her enjoying a drink with her friend, Ananda. Hopefully, Ananda is reading this seeing as I wrote on his arm so he’d know where to find the photo!

Credits: harrietgreen

We also found Povi, a chap with a lovely ‘man-bag’ – it turns out his companion was the designer, so she was happy we’d spotted it.

Credits: harrietgreen

Towards the end of our hunt we bumped into Sarah with her lovely sunshine-yellow jacket, and then Danny and Edward with their matching bobble hats which we liked very much!

Credits: harrietgreen

So what did we learn from our lomographic expedition? Well, not an awful lot that we didn’t already know – that London is home to some of the UK’s most stylish people. To everyone that chatted with us and was willing to be photographed – thank you for your time, and we hope you like the pictures!

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  1. anafaro
    anafaro ·

    Uau, you were so brave! :) I don't think I would be brave enough to ask random people in the street... :) You did a fab job here! Congrats!

  2. megustastu
    megustastu ·

    Well done!

  3. harrietgreen
    harrietgreen ·

    haha, thanks @Anafaro! to be honest it was a bit scary approaching people but most were really nice, and we got into the swing of it eventually!

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