How to Make Homemade Filters for Your Cameras

Wanna give a different touch to your Lomographs? Do you want contrasting colors in your photos? Read on to find an easy trick to make your own filters!

Have you ever thought about buying colored filters for your camera but do not have a penny? Do not worry, my friend Felix give me the final solution. The do-it-yourself spirit strikes again.

To begin we need:

  • A broken filter
  • Scissors
  • Any negative
  • Colored plastics
  • A pen

1. We can go into a photo shop and ask them to give us some broken filters, which maybe they will be throwing out. Once at home, taking care not to cut ourselves, we remove the glass of the filter. Remember that the glass has a metal ring, which we also have to unscrew with the help of scissors or something like that.

2. We take the colored plastics, which could be typical folder separators (you can “borrow” them from work or buy them from a $1 shop). With a pen, we mark the contour of the ring and we cut the plastic circle.

2. Once we cut the circumference, we put it into the rim of the filter to check if it fits. Cut a little bit more if necessary.

3. And there it is! Color filters for your camera for a modest price of $0! That rocks, right?

If you want to make it look even more Lomographic, you can try to put a negative in the filter ring as a mask and see what happens.

Here, I leave some pictures taken with these DIY filters. Pay attention to my home, because I’m thinking about trying them out with black and white film.

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