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2012-04-24 4

The ActionSampler is one of the funniest lomo cameras that I have. I have a great time taking pictures of my family and friends, and I always get lots of laughs and people being so interested about this little unusual girl.

Credits: lilithmoon

Last Christmas, I got the Actionsampler Flash and whenever I take it for a walk, it gives us the funniest moments. It always brings laughs and madness wherever it goes.

It is a 35mm camera, so if you aren’t very inspired (or if you don’t have a family as crazy as mine), maybe it will take a while to shoot the whole film, as it is designed for moving subjects and often we shoot a couple of pictures and throw it inside the bag. But that’s the best thing—when we finished the film, we will have a lot of moments that we probably didn’t remember.

The ActionSampler Flash is intended for use indoors with 800 ASA film, so the grain will be inevitable, but it works great outdoors with 100 ASA film if we have a full sun. As the shots are taken so fast, we don’t have to worry very much about the tripod or the camera steady in low light, we just have to take into account the sensitivity of the film.

I usually use it in 2 different ways: either the subject moves or the camera moves. The latter has funny effects, and thus, the subjects do not always have to move. It’s like the saying, “If Mohammed doesn’t go to the mountain…”

Another thing I usually do is to test the outlet. If it is a jump or a choreography of several people, I make sure people are clear on what to do and we tried a couple of times. Because if we don’t, the photos rarely turn out; by making them at intervals of 0.22 seconds, it’s necessary to have some level of coordination, which is not always achieved. However, people still do their best.

If you take the Actionsampler Flash for a walk, you must seize the moment and be the fastest gunman in the West. It is the street law and you must forget about the tests and nonsense. If you see a bike, a girl who is jumping, a kid skating, or quiet doves at the park…unsheath your camera as fast as possible and capture the moment with 4 very fast lens!

Credits: lilithmoon

Generally it’s always up to you, restless lomographer, to encourage people to make you a little jump, to run to you or you run into them, to move their heads in a heavy way or to move their arms to show if they can fly. But when people start to cheer up, they start to propose pictures and it becomes non-stop until you reach the 36th exposure of the film.

Credits: lilithmoon

Also note that if you’re a handyman lomographer you can create masks for your Actionsampler, so in this way you get photos that are as different and creative as your imagination wants!

Credits: lilithmoon

In short, the Actionsampler Flash is a camera to go out, run, jump, and overall, to have a good time with!


written by lilithmoon on 2012-04-24 #gear #tutorials #camera #tipster #lomography #actionsampler #tricks #fast-tricks
translated by duva


  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    great pics...<:)

  2. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    I'm not happy with the results I had with this camera, it was a disappointment but now I know the problem is not the camera - is that I don't have such a fun and cooperative family! :) I love the pictures of the man in white hair! :D

  3. lilithmoon
    lilithmoon ·

    @saidseni thanks for your nice words! The man in white hair is my father, I will tell your nice words. =)

  4. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    You are welcome! Cheers to all the family! :)

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