A Taste of Thailand in Singapore


The weekend after I came back from my holiday in Bangkok, I went to The Big Thai Show in Singapore! I just couldn’t get enough of Thailand!

During my recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand, I chatted with a very friendly shop owner selling aromatic herbs. When he found out that I was from Singapore, he became quite excited and informed me that he’ll be going to Singapore in a couple of days’ time to participate in the annual “The Big Thai Show”. This year, it was held outside Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre.

My wife and I did visit last year’s show and bought a couple of Thai goodies. This year, we deliberately went back to check it out again and to look for the friendly shop owner, even though we just came back from Bangkok.

I expected a large crowd and tight spaces, so I brought with me my ‘go-to’ street photography camera of choice, the Olympus Trip 35. I had in mind to shoot at 1.5m or less as it was where I felt the action will be. I just wanted to go as close as possible for this particular photography experiment. I wanted to know what I’ll be able to get away with.

But perhaps one of the better snaps I was able to capture on the fly was this. I had to be really quick to catch this scene. The guy standing on the right in the photo below was wearing such loud colors that I really had to take a quick snap.

Other familiar scenes were the food that the exhibitors were selling.

Though we only bought a couple packets of Thai crisps, it was nice to check out this little Big Thai Show a couple of days back from Bangkok itself. We felt it was a nice end to our very enjoyable holiday that went by too fast.

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