Saying Goodbye to Bangkok, Thailand

2012-04-26 1

The saddest part of a holiday is when it’s over. Yet, there is still one more location where you can capture a few more photos before you head home – the airport.

For international visitors arriving in Bangkok, Thailand, Suvarnabhumi Airport would be the departure point before heading back to their home countries or to their next destinations.

During my recent trip to Bangkok, I rushed through the airport when I first arrived as I wanted to be out there enjoying my holiday as soon as I could. But during my return leg to Singapore, I reached the airport much earlier than expected.

This turned out to be a good thing as I had time to really check out the airport, which I wasn’t able to during my previous trips. So after I’ve checked in my luggage, I wandered around the public area for a little bit and found some interesting photo ops.

A holy relic
The guardians

After clearing immigration, there are some interesting things to see too. The first scene that greets you would be this 30-meter long artwork. Not surprisingly, this is one very popular photo stop for foreign visitors heading home or elsewhere.

But there are also other displays that are placed throughout the airport to break the monotony of walking from the immigration checkpoint to your departure gate.

Walking further towards your departure gate, you’ll have a chance for a quick bite. But be warned that the prices for a bite at the airport are rather steep.

The cavernous airport has lots of resting and waiting places for passengers.

Some of the fellow passengers who will be traveling on the same flight with me.

This holiday to Bangkok was rather hectic, but my wife and I did have fun!

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