Feng Chia Night Market during Daytime


That´s right – I went to that area in the daytime, because my wife went to her favorite hairdresser which is located in this area.
So, since I don´t have that much hair to cut I took my Yashica T4 instead and went out on the streets….what a nice decision.

The only thing what didn´t went that well was that I forgot to bring some more film, so the only roll left in my bag was the Lomo Red scale. Before I was always using this film for stills or architecture but the day was quite sunny and I had nothing to lose so I loaded it into the cam. At that day, I was really in the mood for street shooting and the Yashica T 4 is a perfect choice for this mission.

The FengChia Night Market area is located in the Xitun area in Taichung, next to Feng Chia University. Established in 1963, it was claimed to be the largest night market in Taiwan. If this is true I can´t tell but I also went there in the Night and it is really huge. As on every night market you can buy everything there from crazy food to fake LV Bags or maybe there are originals…..who knows.

In the daytime the area looks completely different, not that crowded with adolescents, no Blink Blink Neon Lights and not that much music. It´s kind of relaxing to walk around and not getting hit or bump into something every few seconds. So, I enjoyed the time there and shot a lot. In the end I was very happy with the results and I think I will use Red scale now more often for my street shots.

written by eyecon on 2009-07-21 #places #taiwan #redscale #night-market #location #lomo #yashica-t4 #taichung #feng-chia


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Nice street shots ! Feels like walking with you ! : )

  2. ccwai
    ccwai ·

    You're lucky you brought the Red Scale.
    Images are great!
    Nightmarkets in Taiwan are indeed very different during day and night.
    Thanks for sharing.

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