Barra Beach

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A good place either in winter or summer, there is an endless list of activities that can be enjoyed here. Barra Beach puts together a little bit of everything in a particular location since its long stretch of sand is so crowded in summer with the bars full of life at night.

It is here where the water flows to the Ria de Aveiro, which is also known to be the location of the lighthouse of Aveiro or Barra’s lighthouse, the highest lighthouse in Portugal. At the time of its construction, it was the sixth largest in stone masonry, and continues to be the second largest in the Iberian Península, while being the 26 largest in the world.

Here we again witness the entry and exit of the fishing boats, sometimes escorted by seagulls. Barra is an ideal place for surfing, windsurfing, sailing, sea fishing, and underwater fishing or even for those who like to take a walk, jog or ride a bike and skate.

Especially during the summer bathing season, many people come to the beach, the bars offers many things for a very enjoyable summer for tourists. The parties and local bars give the place a different color and ambiance at night, after a long and busy day at the beach, this becomes one of the most frequented beaches in the region.

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