Red or Deadstock - Red-Hot Up-To-The-Minute Analogue Goodness and Deadstock Classics

Fancy a little tinge of Red in your photos, or intrigued by the special feelings evoked by shots from Deadstock cameras? Check out on our red-alert level offers today!

Red or Dead?

Red-hot new analogue. Vintage deadstock classics. What do they have in common? They both keep analogue photography pulsating, that’s what! So we’re bringing you a full-blown revival of some elusive, almost-extinct deadstock heroes. It may be past its expiry date but you might be surprised to learn that expired film still has a lot of life left in it! Why not add a splash of rouge to your roster with our exclusive Lomographic Redscale Film. After all, it’s RED or DEAD!

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It’s Code Red!

Remain alert with our exclusive, spicy redscale film and plus more red-hot analogue goodness!

Lomography Redscale Film
The world’s first ready-to-shoot redscale film. Tint your surroundings with a brilliant splash of red, orange and yellow in its full ISO 100 glory! Redscaling is a unique process where the film’s colour emulsion is exposed on the reverse side of the film, which isolates the blue film layer and gives off that luscious red glow. Pick up a roll and get ready to create painfully striking shots that are sure to add zest to your life!

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A Little Red Lomography

Holga Red
The cult medium format camera is making a red comeback.

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Shoot with the ultra cute 35mm Oktomat, your subject is cleanly sliced into 8 little frames, boiled and served.

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El Toro Diana F+ special edition
Created in celebration of the Spanish Diana World Tour stop.

Shop for: El Toro Diana F+

Deadstock cameras – resuscitate your vintage desires!

The charming appeal of deadstock cameras are a timeless classic – sleek bodies, the nostalgic old-school look and still pack quite a punch with a plethora of features! Browse through our special catalogue of the last great analogue relics before you’re left for dead!

Polaroid Spectra Blitz

Take this recently restocked instant camera out with an extreme view wide angle & high-resolution Polaroid shots!

Shop for: Polaroid Spectra Blitz
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Fed 5

The original Russian rangefinder deadstock star that comes with a built-in Selenium lightmeter for dead-on exposure.

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Zenit MF-1

Relive the glory days of the Soviet Intelligence era with this high-speed, ultracompact, mini-film beauty.

Get it now: Zenit MF-1
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Smena 8M Refurb

A classic mid-80s deadstock compact boasting a 3-element glass lens for eye-popping contrast and saturation.

Shop for: Smena 8M Refurb
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Kiev 4 Rangefinder

A nifty full-manual SLR with pretty neat extras, hailing from the city that takes its name.

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Expired Film – Our Last Stash Could Be Your Analogue Lifeline!

Sometimes, being in the past ain’t that much of a bad thing – at least for film. As they draw closer to that eternal white light, our out-of-date films can provide crazy effects like unusual colour saturation and exposure. Still up for grabs in the Lomography Filmshop, resuscitate these rolls before they’re all gone forever!

Kodak Elitechrome Ed 200

A cult pro-grade wonder boasting lush colour saturation and extreme fine-grain.

Shop for: Kodak Elitechrome Ed 200 - 24mm
Read a review on: Kodak Elitechrome Ed 200 - 35mm
Browse photos by: Kodak Elitechrome Ed 200 -35mm++

Fuji Press 800 – 35mm
An uncanny capability to offer superb image resolution even in low-light situations!
Shop for: Fuji Press 800 - 35mm
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Browse photos by: Fuji Press 800 – 35mm

Agfa Apx Boxset -120
Unearthed by our very own deadstock detectives, this film emanates high-speed, rich black & white 120 shots.
Shop for: Agfa Apx Boxset -120
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Browse photos by: Agfa Apx - 120

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