Lomographic Questionnaire: Iván Solbes

2012-04-26 1

We have started the “Lomographic Questionnaire” with the great Iván Solbes, an illustrator from Madrid who’s agreed to answer 10 questions that will get us closer to him and his analogue vision of the real or imaginary world. Keep reading, you’ll enjoy this!

Drawing from the book “Mola Tener 5 Años”. “I like it as a self-portrait, ¡it’s a lot like me!”, Iván Solbes.

Name: Iván Solbes
Field: Illustration
Location: Madrid

Iván has been drawing all his life, and since a few years ago, he has had the privilege of making a living off of it. He dedicates part of his time to drawing for publicity; surely you’ve seen some of his campaigns walking by the street or opening a magazine or a newspaper. He’s also done many flyers for concerts, theatre, short films, and music festivals. He has also drawn for the press and magazines. Last year, he published his first children’s book. He does serigraphs of his prettiest drawings. He has a group of drawing buddies with which he hangs around drawing everyone. After all of this, he tells us about it in his drawing diary that he publishes on his Facebook or Twitter (@ivansolbes) so everyone finds out.

1. Describe your first memory as if it were a photograph.

A squared photo with rounded borders, thick paper with a certain texture and warm and yellowy colors, like they used to turn out in the 70’s, when I was born. A giant back covered with a green almost turquoise pajama resting on a bed. It was my father, and that’s how I would see him when I would crawl in his bed, between my mother and him, on lots of Saturday mornings. Before that, there’s nothing.

2. What’s a quality you would like to have?

Infinite patience.

3. With who or what did you fall in love with for the first time?

With some children’s book with lots of drawings that my father used to get me.

4. What would you free the world from in an instant?

From people who present themselves as what they pretend to be, and not for who they really are, and they make an incredible effort to try and prove it. They always fool me and make me feel very small.

5. In what historical period would you have liked to live in and why?

The 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s for sure…because everything was way prettier. But let it be only for aesthetic nostalgia, let’s not lose the north of Midnight in Paris. Let nobody doubt, even for a second, that we are living infinitely better than in any past time, at least until now. And I hope the future carries on that way, that we may only miss a way of dressing up, a type of design, and things like that, pure aesthetics, and nothing more.

6. If you could hang yourself like a camera, around anybody’s neck, who’s would it be?

Someone who really loves me and makes me forget everything that has happened and will happen. It’s mighty fine to leave behind photographic memories of that moment with that person.

7. Where is your secret garden, the one you can always escape to?

In my drawing diary, where I hide at every afternoon if I have some time, where no one can enter without my permission and I do whatever I want. Then, I talk about it on my social networks.

8. With what famous person (alive or dead) would you like to drink a glass of wine?

I can think of the Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth of England. A while back, I read an article about the screwing up he’s had in the last few years and it cracked me up, the guy is a master of English humor, real acid, ironic, completely a gentleman. Hanging out with him must be real fun.

9. If suddenly you lost your sight, what image would you like to keep engraved in your mind?

I don’t even want to imagine such a scenario. I can’t think of anything or anyone specifically, more like a general sensation of everything that surrounds me.

10. Who’s your hero, in fiction or real life?

Well in plain tribute, Moebius, an exceptional man with incredible drawing skills, and a privileged brain, he had it all. He should be read in schools as well as the literature classics. I recommend the series of “El Incal” (with the old colors, not the horrific digitally colored corrected re-edition that’s just bad-bad-bad) and the “Los Mundos de Edena” series, and in general, his first work, “Sobre la Estrella”, it’s a wonder.

Hey, we’re done!

Remember if you want to see what he creates day by day, it’s best to follow him on Facebook and Twitter (@ivansolbes).

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