Shooting Bulb Mode with Holga on a Sunny Day

2012-04-24 1

If you feel like shooting with your Holga using slow shutter speed to achieve the blurry effects on a bright, sunny day, the only way is to narrow your lens opening.

Once, I saw some Holga photos in this community that were accidentally taken with B setting on a bright, sunny day. I love the blurry results except the colors were too washed out due to over-exposure. I experimented to make a smaller hole than the Holga’s lens opening with a nail; of course, the hole is a lot bigger than a pinhole, meant to reduce the amount of light reaching the film behind when shooting Bulb.

The results, as you can see from the attached photos below, are quite satisfactory. The images are blurry and the colors are rich and stand out vividly.

For this set, I loaded a roll of Fuji Color Negative 100. If you guys are interested in trying it , I will be happy to see your results!

Good luck to you all!

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  1. hannahugm
    hannahugm ·

    Love the effect- the colours look awesome. One question- how do you get your lens off? Is it a case of brute force, or is there a gentler way of doing it?!
    Thanks for the tipster

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