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This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “Analogue for a Day: The Day We Left the Digital Grind Behind” by slumbrnghok from UK who reminds us to forget about our mobile phones, computers, and the Internet once in a while, for our own sanity—and analogue photography!

“I recently took a week off work and went to stay in Argyll on the West Coast of Scotland. My girlfriend and I turned off our phones and slowed right down. We were four miles across country on foot from the nearest shops.”

Credits: slumbrnghok

“We made a lot of slow roasts. The best being a seven-and-a-half hour cooked leg of lamb. You really can’t get much more relaxed than that! Even our photography slowed down when she took only one photograph on the third day but the exposure lasted for an hour.”

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We picked this submission by slumbrnghok because the lush greenery and lack of modern conveniences in his photos are like gentle reminders for everyone that there’s much to appreciate in life that isn’t fast-paced and Facebook-driven. How we wish we could escape to Argyll right now.

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