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2012-04-21 1

It’s time for our Tipster of the Week! This week, we chose a Tipster that will leave you feeling hot! Read on to find out what our Tipster of the Week is all about.

Photo by kylethefrench

We have learned a lot of useful tips from this week’s articles and we found one Tipster that seems really fun to do! Best of all, you’ll surely get amazing results when you try this out.

“Making your friends and family burn up is easier and safer than you think.”

Photos by kylethefrench

The Tipster of the Week goes to kylethefrench for his article Fire Woman and Man with B Setting and Some Light Sticks. Thank you for submitting your Tipster, we can’t wait to try it out and see the results. Congratulations for bagging 10 Piggies!

Do you want your article to be recognized as Tipster of the Week? Keep on submitting them, you just might be the next lucky one!

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