I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye to Chiang Mai

2012-04-23 1

During the floods that devastated Bangkok last year, I was actually in Chiang Mai, which is located at the north of Thailand. Actually, I’ve never been here before, so it was quite an eye-opening experience.

I went to Chiang Mai by bus, and during that time, the mad floods had already started in Bangkok. Hence, I had to spend more than 20hrs in traveling time. Usually, the bus only takes about 9hrs to reach Chiang Mai. Upon arriving, you could have guessed how tired I was so a rest was really in order!

I arrived at around 6pm. My juniors let me take some photographs.

After that, my beloved juniors took me to a coffee shop, I would like to share with you guys that if you ever do come to Chiang Mai, you must visit this place! There are cute cats and the owner is cute as well (^ ^,)…but how was the coffee? Haha…sorry, I did not get to taste it.

There are many cute girls in Chiang Mai, people who stay here prefer to take it slow and just chill!

I was on “chill mode” until I saw the calendar and realized that I had been here for 2 months 0_o Actually, I only intended to stay here for just a week!

I plan to go to Ching Mai again to get splashed with water in celebration of the next Songkran Festival (a popular festival in Thailand), which I will then make a review of later.

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