St. Patrick's Day in the Caribbean: Montserrat's National Day


Montserrat is a little island in the Caribbean and, with Ireland, they are the only two places in the world that celebrate their National Day on March the 17th. It is a mixture of an Irish party and the celebration of the slaves’ revolution in the 18th century. Absolutely unique!

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I am pretty sure that if I mention St. Patrick’s day you will think about Ireland, Guinness beer and green. It is absolutely logical, as it is the National Day of the Irish Republic, but here I am going to talk about another country whose National Day is also March the 17th.

I am talking about Montserrat, a small volcanic Island which is a British overseas territory. When I say that it is small, I really mean small. Also, the habitable territory was reduced when the volcano Soufrière Hills erupted in 1995. Since then, the island has suffered a lot, mainly because the capital Plymouth was destroyed. For that reason, when there is a good reason to celebrate, Montserrat people put all their energy to create a memorable day.

11am: Waiting for the start of the party. 1pm: Party time!

The celebrations for St. Paddy’s are a week long. The main days are March 17 and 19 which is the Day of Montserrat. On the 17th, the little town of Salem, which suffered greatly from the eruption, decorates itself: from early morning the barbecues are ready, the stage is up and everyone is dressed with orange and green.

Everyone enjoys the food, the music and the parades… and the beer… and the rum!

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These are the results after 12 hours of continuous partying. Note how important it is to wear something silly on the head!

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Finally, I don’t have the pictures of the most colourful parade, the one that refers to the slaves’ revolution. With so much partying (beer and rum especially), the film got exposed! But that’s fine, like that you will be surprised when you will see it with your own eyes!

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