Naughty Doubles in La Sardina

2012-04-20 1

The Sardine-Can Camera is no fool! Participants stomped in at Lomography Gallery Store Singapore on Aprils Fool’s Day to play a prank on their newly made friends and gets cheeky with the cameras. Lomographers of all ages came and had so much fun ,played snapshot tricks on this workshop!

It was 1st of April and everyone had their guard up but were not afraid to fool around. All the tongue-sticking, cheeky smiles, and jumping for joy were seen in this workshop. Not only that, the MX buttons were not spared and everyone enjoyed clicking and creating that naughty doubles at the Lomography Gallery Store Singapore .

Little Tristan and La Sardina!

This is by far the most diverse group of participants! Lomography knows no age limit! you can be as young as 3 years old to start snapping. Check out lil’ Tristan and the La Sardina in hand!

Sisters & Sardinas goes well together!
Naughty Double Exposures!

Sad that you missed this out? Do check out our May Workshops for more fun and enriching workshops!

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