Fuji Superia 110 200 ISO: Put it in Your Pocket (Camera)

2012-05-16 1

Pocket sized fun: The Fuji Superia is a Pocketfilm also known as 110 format and It comes in a plastic cartridge!

Not long ago, I thought it would be hard to get my hands on medium format film. After a while, I found out that it was not hard, but rather expensive. When I got aware of another film type – 110 pocket film, and I really wanted a camera for that, I found out that this type of film was harder to find.

Pocket or 110 film was introduced by Kodak in 1972 as predecessor for the Instantmatic film from 1963. The negative size is 13mm x 17mm. The only 110 film I could find was the Fuji Superia 200, so I bought the only two rolls left at Mueller, a local drugstore. Fuji can´t be wrong, I thought. So I loaded the cartridge into my newly acquired Agfa Pocket and started shooting. The results I got a whole week later are okay by any means.

The 110 Superia is like his 35mm brother, a down to earth negative film. The colours are realistic, I find them rather dull since I prefer films like the Agfa Vista. Due to the small format the pictures are rather grainy. What I like about 110 is the nearly square format, the pictures look different and unusual. After all I don´t regret my excursion into the land of the pocket film. I really would like to try out different kinds of 110 film but since they are hard to find I’m willing to take the Superia when I find it.

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  1. chilledvondub
    chilledvondub ·

    its harder to find somewhere that can develop a 110 film let alone find one to purchase

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