The Lomography Questionnaire with Your Evil Twin

2012-04-19 1

Compare, contrast, draw inspiration from, and even shake your head in disagreement at the answers from our special guest contributors. Today, we’re featuring Tracianne & Trasienne Estrada, a pair of analogue shooting, hair banging, and wanderlusting sisters from the Philippines.

Imagine your favourite things—Europe, dark room chemicals, Polaroids, well-spent summers—all rolled into one, times two, and you get twin analogue photographers, An & En Estrada. Check out Esquire and Status and you’ll see that their identical faces and body of work are equally captivating. Find out more about the awesome twosome below.

Name/alias: Tracianne & Trasienne Estrada (youreviltwin)
Field: Film Photography
Location: Manila, Philippines

Choose one analogue image that represents you.

Photo by Your Evil Twin

1. Describe your first memory as if it were a still photograph
Dreamy, rose-colored, over/underexposed, unexpected, raw.

2. What’s one quality you wish you had?
Discipline. Sometimes we are just too lazy to change camera settings.

3. Who or what was the first thing you fell in love with?
Homemade videos similar to the opening credits of the TV series “The Wonder Years”

Photo by Your Evil Twin

4. What would you rid this world of in a heartbeat?

5. What decade in history would you like to step into and why?
Seventies. Polaroid film wouldn’t be as expensive and scarce as it is now.

6. If you could hang as a camera around anyone’s neck, who would that someone be?
Ryan McGinley during that 2-year road trip with Morrisey

Photos by Your Evil Twin

7. Where’s your secret garden, where you can escape to?
Our backyard, we converted our small bathroom into a darkroom and built a quarter-pipe skate ramp beside it.

8. What famous person (dead or alive) would like to have a drink with?
Lina Scheynius

9. If you could no longer see, what’s one image you’d like burned in your mind?
Summer roadtrips

Roadtrip to Russia by Your Evil Twin

10. Who’s your hero, in fiction or in real life?
Kate Moss who seems to be aging backwards.

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    Some amazing portraits!

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