Paseo de la Senda - A Promenade of Sober Beauty


Vitoria is a city for walking. There are long promenades for Sunday walks.

This city offers long walks surrounded by sober beauty places. One of them and maybe my favorite is the 3km between La Floria Park and Armentia. Maybe because I don’t like much the sun and this promenade is shadowed by long ancient trees. The promenade starts beside the Basque Parliament. This neoclassic building is an important center of the political life in Spain, due to the “conflict” between Basque Country and Spain. Something I won’t comment here. Then you can cross La Florida Park, our classic romantic park with very tall trees, a kiosk for music (on Saturdays and Sundays a band plays “pasodobles” (a Spanish kind of songs) for the old people. My parents met here 40 years ago dancing.

The walk continues on the other side of the road, there on the right before you cross the tran rails, you can find the Zulueta palace, now headquarters of the Sancho El Sabio foundation and archive the most important documents in the region. Continuing the way, you can fin the Museum of Arms. As I told you in another location, Vitoria was a strategic place during the war against Napoleón. Here you can find out why. In front of it, the "Lehendakari"’s house, which is the residence of the Basque Country president. Well protected and maybe one of the most important building in town. Find out which picture is it in the gallery and I will invite the first one to dinner. ;O. The museum of Art in the one on the right. The garden is the favorite place for wedding sessions. I like taking pictures of this garden but not for weddings. The museum has a vaste collection of art since gothic days.

The way continues surrounded by neoclassic building, owned by the richest people in town. Then you arrive to the Prado park. The favorite park for lovers and runners. It became so popular for runners thanks to the world famous marathon man martín Fiz that got the gold medal in the Olympic Games. All the evenings you can find lots of runners here. After 500 mts you will fin the Mendizorrotza sports center, the main sport center in town, and in the other side of the road, The Stadio sport center with several old diving boards nice to shoot. The walk continues to Armentia but if you are tired (as me) you can just return an have a beer in the Florida Terrace, at the beginning of the promenade.

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  1. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    The doubles are pretty nice!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Agreed ! And I also like N°27 a lot !

  3. azurblue
    azurblue ·

    Very pleasant location and nice doubles !

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