The Balda Baldak Box: A Box Camera with Charm


The Baldak Box is a box camera manufactured between 1938 and 1945. See if this “war antique” is still usable right after the jump.

The Baldak Box was manufactured by Balda company in Dresden, Germany from 1938 unttil 1945. It is a camera out of a series of box cameras, which were only different in the size and configuration. The price for this camera were about five Reichsmark.

The camera:
Film: 120
Dimension: 6 × 9
Shutter Speed: 1/60 (but it is guessed by me)
Lens: meniscus lens
Aperture: sunny and cloudy
The camera also has a bulb mode, so you can do time exposure.

Credits: tesatscad

The photos above are a bit blurry, because I shot out of my hands. My recommendation for this camera is the use of a tripod. The viewfinder of this camera is something you have to get used to, because you do not really see what is in focus. And the distance to the viewfinder is another problem, you always see the object differently. But the little box is still good in shooting photos:

Credits: tesatscad

Use this camera with a tripod and a release cable and then you get real great photos. And with this setting you get a lot of attention from the people when you take photos outside.

Credits: tesatscad

This camera is a great one and I would say it’s because of her age. It is a robust little camera you can easily repair. When you find this camera somewhere, give it a try.

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  1. berndtotto
    berndtotto ·

    Thanks for sharing this test. What kind of film ( which ASA ) did you use ?

  2. tesatscad
    tesatscad ·


    i used the Lomography CN 400 120 for the photos shot out of the hand. For the redscale pictures i used the Lomography Redscale 100 120. And for the other photos i used the Lomography CN 100 120.

  3. berndtotto
    berndtotto ·

    Thanks for the information. I have a similar Agfa Box and thought about trying it with a 50 ASA film, but 100 seems to work as well.

  4. woosang
    woosang ·

    Love box cameras but I usually, use 50asa or 25 (if I can buy it)

  5. koenmol
    koenmol ·

    Nice box,
    I have a similar one.
    I would love to restaurate mine, however i can not seem to find much info about it.
    Any tips?

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