One Man's Trash Bin Is Another Man's Pinhole Camera

2012-04-19 1

The employees of the garbage collection in Hamburg often see their city from another point of view. They know every single backyard and every secret corner. Now some of them tried to capture these points of view in photos, using dumpsters as larger-than-life pinhole cameras!

In Germany, a group of garbage men have added feathers to their cap. See how they went from picking up trash to photographing the city with their “Trashcam Project!”

Photo via NDR

Garbage collectors like Hans-Dieter Braatz, Michael Pfohlmann and Werner Bünning push around 1,100-liter trash bins around Hamburg but its contents are anything but. Believe it or not, the dumpsters are actually pinhole cameras!

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Photos via NDR

By drilling tiny holes in front and hanging large sheets of photo paper inside, the garbage containers are used to photograph scenes around town. There are pictures of the warehouse district, construction zones, backyards, the cathedral and—of course—the harbour.

Photos via petapixel

Below, Bünning is seen taking a picture with a Trashcam on top of a public barbecue to get a better angle, as well as Pfohlmann explaining the technique to bystanders as he exposes a frame for 6 minutes. Meanwhile, Braatz takes 2 minutes to frame a shot and waits one hour to fully expose them.

Photo via petapixel

Visit Trashcam Project for more info.

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