Spotted: Pentax Keychains at Toys R Us

2012-04-19 1

Even toy stores have taken a liking for analog goodies! Check out what I saw in a toy store branch at our local mall.

Keychains. They’re a very cool addition to any bag or set of keys. They can also tell you more about the person who’s using it. And what better way to show your love of photography? Certainly with a camera keychain!

These miniature Pentax Cameras are displayed in a vending machine in the TriNoma branch of Toys R Us. The ones on display show different digital Pentax cameras as well as some analogs. The analogs are the ones on the topmost (it’s a Pentax MX – a 35mm SLR). It’s requires 2 tokens (1 token is worth 50 pesos) and will ultimately cost you 100 pesos or about US $2+ per turn. The cameras come in one of those eggshell containers after it pops out of the vending machine.

Try your luck with this vending machine and you might just get that Pentax MX!

written by astilla on 2012-04-19 #news #toys #cameras #pentax #keychains #miniatures

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