Vintage Ice Cream Advertisements

2012-05-09 1

Ice cream is definitely among the most mouth-watering gustatory treats ever made. Who hasn’t stared and drooled over a mere photograph of scoops of delectable ice cream? With this in mind, Lomography has found inspiration in this sweet treat for another set of analogue goodies. Let us welcome these newest additions to the Fisheye family and take a look at some of the yummiest ice cream ads in flavorful vintage!

It’s summer here in my side of the world, so some generous scoops of ice cream are among the heavenliest treats I could gorge on on a daily basis. The days have been so scorching hot that I often find myself wanting some heaping scoops of ice cream—a craving typically worsened by iced drinks and ice cream advertisements everywhere!

Even some twin popsicles would be nice for cooling down in this summer heat! Photo via Coco Cake Ice Cream on Blogspot

Just because we have more realistic adverts today doesn’t mean that the ice cream advertisements of the yester-decades aren’t as mouth-watering. Back in the days, seeing these ads are enough to make people rush to the nearest ice cream parlour to enjoy these sweet treats. With the resurgence of retro designs, hues, and even food styling, many artists look to these still-attractive and delectable vintage ads for inspiration.

Are you ready to drool over some of the coolest and sweetest advertisements in the retro world?

Photos via Vintage Ice Cream Ads on Flickr,,, El Origen del Mundo, Coco Cake Ice Cream on Blogspot, and Attic Paper

We’re happy to introduce to everyone the newest and sweetest cameras to join Lomography's roster of Fisheye cameras, aptly named Cherry and Vanilla! As delectable and eye-catching as the drool-worthy sweet treat, these Ice Cream Edition Fisheye cameras are the perfect analogue buddies to shoot with on a bright day, especially if it’s also sunshiny summer on your side of the world!

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