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Meanwood Valley Urban Farm is exactly what it says it is, a small farm located in the urban area of Meanwood in the city of Leeds. With animals, food, and plants, it’s a great family day out!

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm is a registered charity that has grown from its humble beginnings of two caravans in 1980, to a 24 acre site with a working farm just 1.5 miles from Leeds City Centre.

As a working farm there are lots of animals to see whilst we were there we saw, sheep with their lambs, pigs and piglets, rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs and more. Both the animals and the farm practices can be seen at close quarters and there is also feed available, making the experience even more fun and interactive.

My personal highlight were the lambs, they were friendly, inquisitive, and playful, enjoying the sunshine and the open fields in an area where you wouldn’t really expect them to be in.

Not only can you visit the animals but there is also a visitor’s centre with information on local activities and further information about the farm. There is also a shop and café, with organic market garden produce for sale and a fantastic picnic and children’s play area.

The farm provides services to inner city communities through the charity and also works with Leeds City Council to provide a community care scheme for adults, it is also a major centre for community and environmental work.

For more on the Meanwood Urban Farm, check out kneehigh85’s article as well. For more information about Meanwood Valley Urban Farm do visit its website.

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  1. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Yay - I love this place, just a mile from my home too!

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