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2012-04-24 3

Do you feel inspired? Feel the urgent need to create something, but don’t know exactly what? Your artistic talent is about to explode but do not know where to start? Well, this is the article for you. Arm yourself with your favorite lomographs and read on!

It all began as I was reviewing a wonderful lomograph taken by my dear friend kingdjin which unfortunately was too much under exposed. It was so damn dark but with a beautiful composition. I wanted a copy to frame it but I did not want to change the colors by digitalizing it (my analog pride prohibits it). So I thought, why not reproduce it in pencil?

Then, I pulled out my old tools of art in high school, and I set to work.

Here’s the photo in question:

Photo by kingdjin

Here is the result:

Satisfied with the result, I decided to reproduce the same technique using other pictures. Here is an example:

Taking an inspiration from a lomograph to create a drawing was a turning point! Try it too! If pencil drawings become boring, you can always try with a artistic glass! Look what I made:

You need:

- Glass
- Brushes
- Paints for glass
- LeadPasta
- Solvent (mineral spirits)

You can see that I grew up on bread and Art Attack huh? But now, I want to see your “art attacks!” Post it below! Lomo On!

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  1. waltc_
    waltc_ ·

    This is an awesome idea! And I recently did the same. I was on the train and this old man say in front of me. the row of people which he joined when sitting down, all seemed gloomy and bored. but this man had such a peaceful smile and contemplative look with his eyes closed. it really stuck out to me. So much so that I was inspired to draw him. here is my rendition of the peaceful man. I wish I could find the reference photo!

  2. bonzone
    bonzone ·

    @waltc_ thank you so much for appreciating this article! congratulations for your drawing, it's great!

  3. mj_crn
    mj_crn ·

    Art Attack ! THE BEST.

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