Spotted: T3 Magazine Features the La Sardina Belle Starr


La Sardina cameras are known as being lo-fi cameras and to be perfect as a jaw breaking equipment a lomographer could ever use. And it uses a special sensor called film, any type of 35mm film.

The latest edition of English magazine, T3, a magazine known to be writing reviews and articles about the digital world, is now featuring analogue products. From Lomokino to Fisheye, T3 Magazine never lost the opportunity to write reviews or just post a couple of words about a lomographic product.

The latest is the La Sardina Belle Starr “Western Edition”. Made from oxidized brass and finished with intricate etchings and engravings, the La Sardina Belle Starr is also known for it’s 89 degree field of view, produced by a wide angle lens. Also, the La Sardina Belle Starr comes with a special old-school looking flash, called Fritz the Blitz. The flash uses 4 colors to be attached separately.

As we all know, Lomography sells only analogue film, so naturally the La Sardina uses 35mm film of any kind.

Buy one and use it with love.

written by pvalyk on 2012-04-20 #news #magazine #may #lomography #article #t3 #la #news #bella #starr #sardina

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