Lomo Amigo Tushar Dhanawade : Music Maniac Shoots With the LC-A+

2012-06-04 1

What happens when Music mixes with Film? It produces sparks, colors and amazing pictures. This month from India, we have a Lomo Amigo who does just that, fusing music with color through his LC-A+!

Age: 23
City: Mumbai, India
Fav Camera: Lomography LC-A+

Tushar, tell us a little about yourself.
I am a typical Mumbai guy content with doing media related work, yet considered to be a complicated person who is learning to live life on his terms. Every moment I do something different which ensures my work does not get monotonous. My mission is to capture what we see on a day to day basis in a very different manner. I have always loved art, but life has completely changed ever since it has become a part of my life.

What made you get into music and photography?
Music is one of the most powerful thing’s I have ever come across. It unites people from different races, religions and nationalities and binds them together. Music has always attracted me, it changes the way I think and awakens deep thinking within me. I always wanted to stay connected with music and its people. I love the way members of the underground music scene inspire people to do things differently and have a different aura around them. The way they perceive their music career and keep working hard towards improving their abilities motivates me to capture their emotions and antics in the best possible manner. For me, every time I capture pictures of musicians performing at a concert in my camera it’s like recording the entire concert I attended. That’s because every picture of the concert has a story to it, and reminds me how good it was.

Do you think that visual art and music are inter-related?
Music and visual art go hand in hand. Music artists are celebrities, with a huge fan base. Visual art gives fans something with which they can relate to their music idols and derive inspiration from. In recent years, I have seen a lot of changes in the way people perceive visual art and it has become a medium to reach the masses. Visual art and music share a strong relation and it just grows more beautifully every time they come together.

So are you working on any projects right now?
Right now I am working on band portfolio shoots along with live shoots. Later, I will be travelling around some parts of India to shoot various Indian bands which will help me make a good photographic journey of the music that surrounds us.

How did you start shooting with film?
I had forgotten about analogue-film once the world became digital. But after using different digital camera’s, I somehow felt there is something missing, so I got back to the analogue world and explored the various things happening that kept film rolling. Lomography is doing a great job by spreading the analogue love and is the best solution to anyone’s analogue needs.

What attracts you to Lomography?
Lomography is just another world which attracts me because of its feeling of sticking to the vintage analogue world. Analogue is connected to my heart and Lomography is spreading it to a new generation. Trends change with time, so we have digital but Analogue changes people’s perspective towards life and the things they want to capture.

Your favorite Lomography camera?
My favourite Lomography camera is “LC-A+”http://shop.lomography.com/lomo-lc-a-new-package. That Camera has a long history to it, but is still with us and it always will be.

You recently took some time shooting with only a Lomo LC-A+ on a trip, how was the experience
Shooting with Lomography, specifically with LC-A+ was an awesome experience. I shot some gigs with an analogue camera and people were wondering what I was shooting with. But for me, I knew that I had captured some great pictures with one of the best cameras in the world. The LC-A+ gives you a different vision.

Any tips for beginners who want to shoot music?
I always advise people who want to shoot music that, you need to love music and follow what your heart tells you. Shooting the genre that you love is very important so that you enjoy every moment of it. Also having a good interaction with the artist is also important. One sincere request, don’t use flash until it’s really required. It can be very disturbing for the artist when you have 6- 7 photographers continuously flashing their cameras while they are performing. Always keep looking for music and light patterns to get a perfect picture. The world is pretty big and you don’t always need to stick to the basic rules of photography to get the right picture; all you need to do is follow your heart and you will eventually succeed.

You can have a look at more of Tushar’s work on tumblr or facebook

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