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2012-04-20 2

Time and time again, we see analogue things in random places. Here at Anthropologie, vintage pieces have been brought into the catalog for purchase! Read on after the jump.

In yet another one of my boring classes, I was browsing the web for clothes because I had nothing else to do. I stumbled upon Anthropologie, a rather expensive fashion and furniture website. I continued clicking through the site and found some interesting things!

A vintage inspired wooden replica of an analogue camera, used as a tape dispenser; $24.
Another lamp made with a 35mm film reel with real motion pictures that play when the lamp is turned on; $498.
An 8mm lamp made from 1930’s film projectors, which display images from past movies. No two lamps are alike; $598.
An end table made of glass, an old 35mm film reel, and gears$1,298.

Perhaps if these vintage pieces were cheaper, I would buy one for myself. But I digress, maybe those of you who can afford it can tell me how you like them.

written by natalieerachel on 2012-04-20 #lifestyle #fashion #film #camera #vintage #magazine #movie

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  2. clownshoes
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    Hilarious; I have one of those projectors and I'm using it today.

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