South Queensferry, Edinburgh


A beautiful little town, a short train ride from Edinburgh.

South Queensferry is pretty little town on the east coast of Scotland just north of Edinburgh. It overlooks the famous Forth Rail Bridge, a quite spectacular cantilever bridge connecting Edinburgh to Fife which is lauded as a feat of engineering even today. It is also the scene of the opening of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Kidnapped” and perhaps this is why whenever I visit I can’t see anything but a bustling 18th century port with tall ships anchored offshore and lively sailors making the most of their last few nights on land. It’s such a charming little place, I don’t suppose I’m the only one who’s caught himself daydreaming in South Queensferry like this.

Also this was the first film I developed by hand, and it sat (in good company) unloved for months until I bought a scanner – hooray!

written by smclemon on 2009-07-19 #places #bw #edinburgh #location #fp4 #lomo #lca #scotland #homebrew


  1. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    What a nice B/W gallery!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Good job ! For both the shooting and the processing !!!

  3. crazydiamond101
    crazydiamond101 ·

    I was there a little while back- I got bored and cycled from Dundee (where I live) to Edinburgh. It is indeed a quaint little place :-). Ever since I was wee, I've wanted to cycle over the Forth- thats one thing ticked off!

  4. messyourhairup
    messyourhairup ·

    Used to go there all the time with my parents as a child, I loved the crackling noises when you stand on the seaweed lying around the pavements in the harbour.

  5. adamlen
    adamlen ·

    someone here has a hugh talent. Amazing and stunning pics.


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