It’s Bursting with Colors at Bangkok’s Siam Square


Siam Square is one of the hippest places to be in Bangkok, Thailand. Not surprisingly, it’s the place to be at after school for many students.

With quite a few schools located nearby, this is a youngsters’ hangout. But that does not mean that this ‘young-at-heart’ uncle felt awkward checking out this very happening place.

I’ve been to Siam Square before during my first visit to Bangkok several years ago. So during my recent visit to Bangkok, Siam Square was a nice-to-visit again place, if I had some time. Well, it turned out that I did, so I went to check out the place again.

One of the more obvious changes since I last visited was the demolishing of a building to make way for a new one.

What I like about the place is the vibrancy. It’s really full of life. Looking at the number of scooters and motorcycles parked along the roads hint at just how popular this place is.

Walking around this area, I stumbled upon a park. It was quite a surprise as I didn’t remember seeing a park here before.

But I do remember this place to be a cross-processing dream come true with all the already saturated colors splashed around the buildings. Unfortunately, I loaded my camera with a normal roll of ISO 400 film. Even so, I think you can get a sense of how the colors would have appeared when cross processed.

Personally, I think the Thais are entrepreneurial. Any open space can be converted into a marketplace as the night falls. Just check out this spot outside a shopping mall.

So even if you don’t buy anything here, the streets are full of photo opportunities. Who knows, you may even find a friendly doggie sitting on the pedestrian path for you to photograph!

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