Freyfrey and Her Weapon of Choice, the Kodak Ektachrome 100G

2012-04-21 1

It’s was her first love that she would never forget, an affair that she thinks worth pursuing. It just gave her the most memorable shots with less of an effort – this is just how good this film is!

Name: Freya O’Loughlin
Weapon of Choice: Kodak Ektachrome 100G.

Although there are many amazing films popular within the Lomo Community that I am only just discovering, my loyalty lies with this one.

Why is this film your Weapon of Choice?

This was the first slide film that I ever used, the first film that I cross processed and the film that really made me fall in love with Lomography. I think that my trusty Diana loves the film as much as I
do and they always work together to make images that surprise me. Super saturated colours that jump out at you and make you feel as though you are part of the image is what I love.

What are the memorable experiences you’ve had while using this Weapon of Choice?

Last year I took some friends to a beach out of town and they brought a kite and I brought the Diana and this film. It was windy, the sun was setting and the light was perfect. We chased the kite down the beach,
lost our shoes and socks and I thought I had missed all my shots since I was too busy running round. When I got the roll developed they took me straight back to that day and they remain some of my favourite shots.

Would you recommend this to other Lomographers? If yes, to whom do you have in mind?

I would most definitely recommend giving this film a try. I would recommend it to people new to Lomography as a first slide film. It is very forgiving and it will love you back. It also cross processes beautifully to produce stunning blues and greens and when over-exposed has a very warm retro feel to it.

I would also suggest it to people who like shooting scenes with amped up colour in the summertime. Beaches, festivals, fair grounds. I would like to see this film shoot colourful balloons, flags, and
confetti. Maybe I can make that a project for myself.

Do you like grain in your photos? Why or why not?

I love grain. I would say its part of a balanced Lomography diet!

Credits: freyfrey

It could be your favourite film emulsion, a cheap plastic toy camera or the most fun accessory you have and they are your Weapon of Choice! Want yours to be seen here next week? Then just drop us a line at and you’ll get to show everyone what your Lomo snaps are made of!

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  1. b0m
    b0m ·

    Nice! :)
    I would suggest you get hold of as many of these you can find and fill your fridge/freezer with them because Kodak will stop manufacture these. They are already sold out in many stores. :(

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