US CitySlicker Blaine: Miami and South Florida - A Whole Lot to Love

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On their first task, the US CitySlickers will show us around their towns and cities, documenting their experiences in analogue and telling us stories along the way. Let’s meet US CitySlicker Blaine and learn more about his hometown.

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Name: Blaine A. Vernicek
City: Miami, United States
Age: 22
Occupation: Production
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Hello Lomo Community; Blaine (clownshoes) here. I wanted to fill you in a little bit about Miami and South Florida or So-Flo as we call it here. I live and work at home helping my father run a production company. I find myself working in all kinds of media: TV, radio, web, movie, but I’m always a lomographer at heart. Moving back to South Florida has been great for me; I’ve more than quadrupled my camera collection.

so many things I missed while I was gone

Miami-Dade County is a huge area ranging from North Miami (of course) to the very tip of Florida. It’s like no other part of the state of Florida or even the South East in general. There is almost a divide in culture and state of mind from the rest of the “South” as people say.

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There is culture and much of it. Miami draws people from all over the world. Many of them come from the surrounding Caribbean area creating a large population of: Cuban, Haitian, Dominican, Jamaican. They add so much color and flare to the area.

a Miami-Dade landmark
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Anytime during the month there can be one or two carnivals. There are at least two companies that are local to the area; so you’ll see them pop up in different areas with all their lights and rides.

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South Florida has a large agricultural area surrounding the Miami area. They make for the perfect escape from the heavy traffic, car accidents, work, and linguistic issues. There are many farmers markets. Some are traditional like Knaus Berry Farm and Bakery run by Dunkers (German Baptists); or the more modern markets like Robert is Here, were they have a petting zoo and small water park.

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My most favorite place though; are the parks. I live between at least two National Parks: Everglades and Biscayne. Miami-Dade County is great about their parks and museums: the zoo, Vizcaya, Coral Castle, Bay Front, Gold Coast and countless others worth visiting on a regular basis.

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Miami and the county all together is huge and full of history. Since the days of Hennery Flagler in 1897 when he built his hotel the area has exploded in growth but has also grown in character. Let us explore what it has hidden.

Credits: clownshoes

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    Miami is a fair city and downtown has been retaken! I first came to Miami in the late 1980's and have pictures to show, I'll try to post them!

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